Criminal record checks are mandatory checks for hiring because no employer wants to hire someone unsuitable for particular work roles. However, in industries where employees are working with children, the elderly or other vulnerable communities, police checks are vital for an organization to rule out employing people who are past offenders. In these cases, where an employer believes that a criminal record is relevant to a specific job, they are required to state this clearly in the job ad, in information sent out to applicants and in recruitment briefs to agencies. Organizations conduct criminal background checks to reduce legal liability for negligent hiring and to ensure a safe work environment for employees.


What is Comprehensive Criminal Record Screening?

Finding a case against any individual or entity across various databases such as all the courts, tribunals, defaulters list, etc. in India has been an impossible task so far with no single consolidated source that allows such a search.


What Parameters are Verified?

Key Validations: Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Defaulter Databases.


Source of Verification

An appointment will be fixed according to the location of candidate’s local police station with their respective documents, where the details will be verified and investigated  by the  authorized person. Post the visit, report will be sent to the local police station and accordingly followed by the Field Representatives


Mode of Verification

Site Visit by Field Representatives


TAT (Turn-Around Time)-3 to 7 business days