Life insurance checks should be given priority when we talk about safety and security. As per Law it is a must that all the Insurance companies to conduct Life insurance verification. These Checks individually contains various verifications likely,


DOCTOR SEEDING: While providing an insurance policy, it is important to make sure that the patient is not lying. Furthermore, it is also important that the doctors issuing medical certificates are doing their job honestly

An agent in the form of a patient will be sent to the concerned doctor on your behalf. The patient will not indulge in any rude behaviour or act untowardly with the doctor. He will just check if all the health claims provided in the insurance policy form by the applicant, are verified properly by the doctor or not.


PROFILE CHECK: The primary aim of profile verification system is to efficiently track all the past experience of an individual  by verifying their data. It is directly intended for insurance agencies so that they can verify the credentials and profile of the candidates. This is considered as Direct check since it is an verification


BRANCH VERIFICATION: Ensure the accuracy of your branch and the  information provided to the customers. Verification protects you from anyone who might try to pose as a representative of the Policy. This is considered as Discreet check since it is an investigation of the branch and infrastructure .


What Parameters are Verified?

Differs with each checks


Source of Verification

Site Visit by Field Representatives


Mode of Verification

Physical Site Visit


TAT (Turn-Around Time)-3 to 7 business days